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Desk Clocks and accessories


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Desktop wooden hours with frame
Stock number:02.802.75
(135х112х50mm, brown, a wood)
Desktop wooden hours
Stock number:02.804.75
105x124x50mm, brown, a wood
Hours "tablet"
Stock number:02.131.80
(60x48x48mm, silver, metal)
Travel clock with hour belts / LCD screen
Stock number:02.129.80
(75x86x13mm, silver, metal)
Desktop wooden hours
Stock number:02.805.75
105x124x50mm, brown, a wood
Desktop wooden hours
Stock number:02.803.75
(125х113х36mm, brown, a wood)
Stock number:02.400.99
Electronic table clock
Stock number:02.116.00
(72x155x50vv, silver, plastic)
Electronic table clock with LCD screen
Stock number:02.114.80
(161x77x67mm, silver, plastic)
Electronic table clock
Stock number:02.115.80
(82x62x17mm, silver, plastic)
Table clock with a support for pen
Stock number:02.124.99
(150x130x50mm, silver, plastic)
Table clock with a case inside for photos or logos
Stock number:02.120.80
(50x154mm, silver, plastic)
[1–12] [13–24] [25–36] [37–48] [49–58]

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