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Desk Clocks and accessories


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Desktop rotating hours-spheres with handles on a wooden support
Stock number:02.102.99
217*112*165, black, a wood
Stock number:02.127.80
Stock number:02.140.99
Rotating watches on stick
Stock number:02.132.45
(70x60x45mm, dark blue, plastic)
Table clock with a support for handles night illumination
Stock number:02.125.80
(110x75x72mm, silver, plastic)
Stock number:02.128.80
Stock number:02.126.80
Table set from 4 subjects
Stock number:02.801.80
(250x250x40mm, silver, metal)
Electronic clock "tumbler toy"
Stock number:02.117.15
(120x70x32mm, orange, plastic)
Table set from 6 subjects
Stock number:02.806.75
375x205x65mm, red, a tree
Table clock with LCD screen
Stock number:02.111.80
(175x68x63mm, silver, metal)
Travel clock in an aluminium case
Stock number:02.130.80
(94x58x12mm, silver, metal)
[1–12] [13–24] [25–36] [37–48] [49–58]

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