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Card holders


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Stock number:03.524.75
Stock number:03.523.99
Stock number:03.522.99
Stock number:03.521.75
Stock number:03.519.49
Set of metal card holder and pen
Stock number:03.518.75
(silver/brown, metal/PU)
Leather card holder and keyholder
Stock number:03.516.75
(105x80x10mm, brawn, metal/leather)
Set of leather card holder and keyholder
Stock number:03.517.75
(brawn, metal/leather)
Set of card holder and keyholder
Stock number:03.505.99
(black, metal/leather)
Card holder
Stock number:03.514.99
(95x60x5mm, black, aluminium/PU)
Leather card holder
Stock number:03.506.99
(150x72x18mm, leather)
Metal сard holder
Stock number:03.501.80
(70x60x23mm, silver, metal)
[1–12] [13–24] [25]

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