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Transfer printing

Trans­fer prin­ting — the pro­cess which is car­ring out by as­sistan­ce of an in­terme­di­ate ma­teri­al (tran­fer pa­pers) which prin­ting on the ima­ge. Then trans­fer pa­per is app­li­ed to an item (on ima­ge which is ne­ces­sa­ry to trans­fer), nest­les and he­ated, le­aves the pa­per af­ter co­oling. Tech­no­logi­es of ther­mo­car­ry­ing al­low to fast trans­fer­ring the ima­ge on va­ri­ous sur­fa­ces. The­re are so­me kinds of trans­fers: on a ba­sis of plas­ti­sol pa­ints, floc­king the ima­ge (vel­vet dra­wing), the me­tal­li­zed fo­il etc.


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