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Tam­poprin­ting — a met­hod of trans­fer of the ima­ge from a ty­pog­raphic pla­te (cli­che) on a se­aled firm sur­fa­ce with using tam­pon. The tam­pon prin­ting al­lows put­ting the ima­ge prac­ti­cal­ly on any kind of a firm sur­fa­ce (smo­oth, sur­fa­ce re­li­ef and unab­sorbed co­lor ma­teri­als) — plas­tic, glass, a tree, me­tal. Usu­al­ly lo­gos or ima­ges on small so­uve­nir pro­duc­ti­on are put­ting by met­hod of tam­po prin­ting: pens, ligh­ters, charms, watc­hes, cal­cu­lators, mugs, ash­tra­ys, ke­yhol­ders, bott­le ope­ners, plas­tic sup­ports or si­milar items from plas­tic, from a skin and po­ly­et­hy­lene.


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