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Silk–screen printing

Silk-scre­en prin­ting (sten­cil pro­cess) — one of the most spre­ad met­hods of the press on tex­ti­le items. Now in the world mar­ket it is pos­sible to see a sig­ni­ficant amo­unt of pro­duc­ti­on prin­ted with silk–scre­en met­hod. The ur­gency of this met­hod spe­aks its di­ver­se ad­vanta­ges: it is simp­li­city of the pro­cess, and pos­si­bili­ty to print on va­ri­ous ty­pe ma­teri­als, sig­ni­ficant thick­ness of a put­ting co­lor, which en­su­res a sa­tura­ti­on and brigh­tness of co­lo­urs, even al­lows to se­al a une­ven­ly, ro­ugh sur­fa­ce. Al­so best qua­lity of prin­ting and du­rabi­lity of an item is gu­aran­te­ed. Silk-scre­en prin­ting is using to press on T-shirts, mic­rofle­ese jac­ket, ban­da­na, bags, umb­rel­las, a cut, pac­ket and so forth.


October 7, 2015
September 1, 2015
April 13, 2015
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September 13, 2013
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